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Formal Philosophy at Texas A&M University

The Philosophy department at Texas A&M takes pride in maintaining an open, diverse, and supportive community of scholars. We consider formal philosophy — notably, the philosophy of logic and mathematics, formal epistemology, formal semantics, and decision theory — to be among several areas of particular strength in the department.

The department puts equal emphasis on its MA and PhD programs. The MA program is designed especially for students who discover philosophy rather late in their undergraduate careers and wish to gain a solid knowledge of the foundations, tools, and techniques of the discipline, typically with the intent of moving on to study at the PhD level at Texas A&M or elsewhere. Our PhD program is explicitly interdisciplinary and requires a complementary MA in another field — in the case of formal philosophy, obviously complementary fields include mathematics, computer science (artificial intelligence, formal languages, database theory, etc), and psychology (particularly for students interested in decision theory and risk analysis), although the department is very much open to more novel choices. In addition to offering an array of graduate courses in logic and formal philosophy, interested graduate students are also most welcome at meetings of the department's History and Philosophy of Logic reading group.


  • José Luis Bermúdez // website, PhilPapers
    • Specialties: cognitive science, philosophy of mind, decision theory
    • Willing to work with students: Yes, but limited due to administrative responsibilities (Dr Bermúdez is an associate provost at Texas A&M)
  • Robert Burch // website, PhilPapers
    • Specialties: logic, history of logic, non-deductive logic, American philosophy
    • Willing to work with students: Yes
  • Kenny Easwaran // website, PhilPapers
    • Specialties: formal epistemology, probability theory, decision theory, philosophy of mathematics
    • Willing to work with students: Yes
  • Michael Hand // website, PhilPapers
    • Specialties: philosophy of language, philosophy of logic/mathematics, metaphysics
    • Willing to work with students: Yes
  • Christopher Menzel // website, PhilPapers
    • Specialties: philosophy of logic, logic and metaphysics of modality, philosophy of mathematics
    • Willing to work with students: Yes
  • Martin Peterson // website, PhilPapers
    • Specialties: decision theory, normative ethics (consequentialism)
    • Willing to work with students: Yes