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Sending an email to shamiller@ucdavis.edu is all it takes to start your own wiki.

What You Get[edit]

Each wiki:

  • is installed for you
  • is hosted at no cost
  • runs its own separate installation of MediaWiki, the software developed for Wikipedia
  • has its own database, so everything is sandboxed
  • is backed up weekly and made available to you for download, so you have total control over your data
  • has its own stable, permanent web address, e.g., philwiki.net/logic, philwiki.net/philbio, etc.
  • is tracked with Google Analytics, which allows you to get detailed reports about traffic to the wiki

You will receive a confirmation email with a username and password that give full administrative privileges to the wiki once it is online. At that point, it is yours to do with what you please, though have may find the template and tips for wiki admins helpful.

Keeping Things Open[edit]

By default, all wiki content is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Also by default, all run as Open Wikis, which means anyone can edit anyone else and anyone can create an account without providing an email address or getting the blessing of the wiki administrator.[1]. (Wiki administrators can, of course, ban abusive users and manage permissions generally.) You are strongly encouraged to keep these defaults since they foster flourishing.[2] To thwart spam, account creation does require answering a question correctly, but it will be one that can be looked up with ease.


  1. Because each wiki is sandboxed and runs its own database, a user account created on one wiki won't automatically work on another, though user accounts with identical credentials can be created on multiple wikis. Since account creation is basically instantaneous, and anonymous editing always allowed, this slight inconvenience is a reasonable trade-off in the name of stability.
  2. Changing these settings is just about the only thing that the server administrator alone can do, so if you do want these settings changed, you have to send an email request to shamiller@ucdavis.edu.