Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy)

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Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy)[edit]

  • Martin Fischer // website, CV PhilPapers
    • Specialties: axiomatic theories of truth, syntactical treatments of modality, interpretability (via website)
  • Ole Hjortland // website, 2, CV, PhilPapers
    • Specialities: philosophy of logic, formal logic, philosophy of language, and formal epistemology
  • Hannes Leitgeb // website, CV PhilPapers
    • Specialties: theories of truth and modality, paradox, conditionals, nonmonotonic reasoning, dynamic doxastic logic (via website)
  • Florian Steinberger // website, CV, PhilPapers
    • Specialties: (formal) epistemology and philosophy of logic, philosophy of language, philosophy of mathematics (logicism, intuitionism), metaphysics (realism/anti-realism), Frege, and Carnap, philosophy of religion
  • Gregory Wheeler // website, CV PhilPapers
    • Specialties: Formal epistemology, philosophy of science, decision theory, imprecise probabilities, modal logic, bounded rationality, social epistemology