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Faculty working in 20th century continental philosophy:

  • Pierre Keller // website, PhilPapers
    • Specialties: Kant, 19th Century Philosophy, and Phenomenology (via website)
  • Andreja Novakovic // website
    • Specialties: 19th and 20th Century European Philosophy (via website)
  • Erich Reck // website, PhilPapers
    • Specialties: Neo-kantianism (Cassirer), Husserl, Aesthetics (via website)
  • Mark Wrathall // website, PhilPapers
    • Specialties: existential and phenomenological traditions in philosophy, particularly phenomenological accounts of perception, language, art, religion, and law (via website)
  • Larry Wright // website, PhilPapers
    • Specialties: intersection between Analytic and Continental traditions (via website)

Faculty working in other areas of continental philosophy:

  • Maudemarie Clark // website, PhilPapers
    • Specialties: 19th Century German Philosophy, Nietzsche(via website)